rickonstarkling said: they needed the cave scene to get the audience to form an attachment to ygritte before they kill her off.

Well, they can give us acorn hall before they send Gendry into oblivion.
Ah, that makes sense. Didn’t see it that way because I love Ygritte anyway.

  1. lookedlikeagoodidea said: Rageball!Gendry is deffinitely the result of losing Arya. I know I shouldn’t comparr them but he goes a bit into a “Robert lost his Lyanna” mode here…
  2. ginozanobuchikas said: but that’s because you have already read the book. it makes Ygritte’s death 10000000000x more painful to the audience and to Jon if we get to see how perfect those two are and how life would have been different if they had just stayed in the cave
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