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(it was true in 2005 and it’s true now; the best fanfic is hiding out on livejournal)

aonenotesymphony asked: Oh, how about Modern day Oberyn and baby sand snakes cuteness at the park. Bonus for cuddly Tyene who won't go down the slide unless her daddy goes with her.


(oh kill me now with this one)

"Tyene just go!" Obara shouted.

The little blond crossed her arms defiantly and shook her head, “No!”

"Tyene. It’s only a slide. It won’t hurt you, just go down!" Nymeria urged.


Obara groaned, “I’ll go get, Papa.” A few minutes later Obara came back to the slide in tow with her father walking behind her.

"What’s the matter little one?" Oberyn asked.

Tyene’s bottom lip trembled and tears began to fall down her cheeks, “Too high, Papa. Slide to high.”

Oberyn felt a tiny piece of his heart break. If he had one weakness and one weakness only it was his little girls tears. Walking around the side he walked up the stairs and Obara and Nymeria moved to the side to make room for him, “You know your big sisters had problems going down the slide by themselves too.”

"Did not!" Obara protested. 

Oberyn gave her a quick look before turning back to Tyene. “They did, Papa?” Oberyn nodded gently. 

"And you know how they got over there fear?" Tyene shook her head. "I went down with them. Would you like me to go down with you little one?" Tyene smiled brightly and nodded, her bright blue eyes shinning. Oberyn laughed gently and picked his little sunshine girl up and rested her in his lap, "Ready?" Tyene nodded and Oberyn wrapped his arms around her protectively and pushed off from the slide. It didn’t take longer than a second before Tyene was giggling in his arms. Once they reached the bottom Oberyn lifted Tyene in his arms and kissed her cheek. "Still scared?"

"Nope!" she told him sweetly, "Again?"

Oberyn laughed gently as he held her, “Well with a cute smile like that how could I say no.”

"She totally uses that smile to her advantage." Obara muttered. Nymeria nodded in agreement.

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trust-me-im-the-deadpool asked: Running from the police AU Grenn/Pyp (if you're still taking them)


Pyp hears a lot of things.  He’s always had good hearing.  Jon says it’s because of his ears.  So he notices—notices everything he hears—notices maybe a little more clearly than usual, actually, since adrenaline is pumping through him and his normally abysmal eyesight is suddenly clear.

He hears the sound of their feet against the pavement, the cars splashing through puddles, the windshield-wipers going at full force because it’s raining so hard.  He hears each drop of rain on the storm drains overhead, the rush of water down into the sewer system, sirens—more insistant than all the rest—several blocks back and getting closer.

But most of all he hears his own breath—his and Grenn’s as they sprint, trying to find Jon’s car in the darkness, when all cars look the same.  He hears Grenn’s quiet cursing—more nervous than usual—and it makes him run a little faster.


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Luke Pasqualino as Grey in Snowpiercer (2013)

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if anyone’s interested, here’s the map for divine right

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I want to believe the undies post cements my reputation as the weird NW stan kid

Gendry/Arya Week. Day 02: F

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