DIVINE RIGHT: CHAPTER IX  | The Alliance // The Throne of Blood

There was a noise inside the wall.

Godwin looked up from his papers, across his wide office, and towards the direction of the sound. He heard it again. A scratching, quiet but distinct. He narrowed his eyes. A mouse, likely. They always came into the palace this time of year, hiding from the cold and the damp. There wasn’t snow, they never got too much here, but a heavy wet chill hung over the city. The sky had been grey for at least a fortnight but the storms hadn’t been severe. Even if they had been he doubted it would change much. It seemed nothing could stop the constant ebb and flow of ships into the docks.

Every action had it’s reaction. Each negative it’s positive: eternally balancing, infinitely complimenting. It just happened that Gloriaterra’s fall was Catheda’s rise. Each bit of rubble that crumbled from that land rolled into the reconstruction of his own. It wasn’t something to feel joy or sorrow for. It was simply a fact. It was simply the equilibrium of the universe.

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Police AU

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There are gods, she told herself, and there are true knights too. All the stories can’t be lies.” — Sansa IV, A Clash of Kings (via nobodysuspectsthebutterfly)

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I would love to be a superhero.-Anthony Mackie

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  • Grenn struggling to memorize the Night’s Watch vows while Pyp was the fastest learner (and helping Grenn out)
  • watching new recruits at training in the yard and talking shit
  • sneaky kisses behind corners
  • Pyp’s ears glowing red from the cold and Grenn covering them with his big warm hands
  • big stupid helpless love struck grins
  • bitching about Jon Snow while in their cell, with or without wine
  • going with that, good-natured bets on who will break Jon’s pretty nose or the next thing he will go all honor-y about
  • drawing watch on the Wall on the same night and snuggling around a fire pit because you know, it’s cold up there
  • Pyp burying cold hands under Grenn’s clothes (preferably waking him up this way after a watch)
  • sharing fresh, hot food stolen from the kitchen
  • boyish happiness, wrestling over nothings and having fun in general
  • Grenn being the first to pet Ghost because Pyp dared him to (ALSO SNUGGLING WITH GHOST)
  • beating each other up in the yard and afterwards taking care of bruises or injuries
  • SNOWBALL FIGHTS (in which they gang up on Jon)
  • sharing a cell/bed and talking nonsense and the deep thoughts in the comfort of the night
  • an understanding and supportive relationship in a place you’d expect the least (HEALTHIEST COUPLE Y’ALL)
  • Pyp secretly getting all wary on who is making jokes on Grenn and the kind of jokes because you know, that’s his thing 
  • no one being able to tell the difference between good-natured mockery and lovers’ talk (sometimes Grenn would miss out on that, too)
  • did I mention sneaky kisses on the wall
  • drinking with the men in the common room and sharing looks and stumbling drunkenly into the night (Pyp killing the mood because he slips on ice)
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i made a tutorial for male crotches

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Merab Abramishvili - Black Leopard

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that horrible moment when you look at your fanarts while on another computer


C O U N T D O W N  T O  G A M E  O F  T H R O N E S  S E A S O N  4

Grenn by episode (11/15): Valar Morghulis - (S02E10)